Ama Tus Raices

Ama Tus Raices window decal inside Vía Raíz shop

Vía Raíz began as a way to honor and pay tribute to my Mexican heritage. There is so much power in embracing your roots and letting that pride shine bright.

Inside, the recently closed, Vía Raíz brick-and-mortar shop, a beautiful decal with the words "Ama Tus Raíces" adorned a window. "Ama Tus Raíces" which translates to "Love Your Roots" served as a daily reminder of the blessings and advantages that come with authenticity and loving who you are and what you are.

In honor of this powerful message and the little shop that was a dream-come-true, I've partnered with Daniela Del Mar, co-founder of Letra Chueca Press, to create a poster version of the original design that once graced the shop. 



Ama Tus Raices Posters