Winners of Vogue Mexico's "Who's On Next," Joana Valdez and Georgina Duarte, met at design school in 2006 before joining forces and launching Amandina in 2009. Working hand-in-hand with the help of Mexican artisans, their mission is to revive Mestizo traditions through their contemporary and detailed designs. Amandina challenges the delicate boundaries between ancient tradition and fashion.

 With the help of master artisans, they create modern, handcrafted jewelry using traditional filigree techniques in Southern Mexico. Passion for detail, commitment to fair trade and innovation are the core values of the brand.


Amandina, is a 100% Mexican brand, committed to taking the tradition of filigree to all possible corners, so that people from all over the world know and recognize the quality, passion and delicacy of Mexican craftsmanship.