Lørdag & Søndag

Lørdag & Søndag was born in 2011, influenced by impeccable Nordic aesthetics combined with the use of the best Mexican materials and artisans. Salvador Compañ, the talented designer behind this brand, created Lørdag & Søndag based on the simplicity, quality and functionality of its designs.

The collections of Lørdag & Søndag undoubtedly have a strong Scandinavian influence, an influence reflected even in the name of the brand (Saturday and Sunday in Danish), which symbolizes the universal fondness for the weekends and was chosen for the aesthetics of the words. The clean and simple lines of the Lørdag & Søndag pieces, in addition to the master craftsmanship of Mexican artisans, and the use local raw materials, makes Lørdag & Søndag a fine example of subdued Latin American luxury.