Our Story

Vía Raíz is a place where Mexican craftsmanship meets modern design.

We work with highly skilled makers and innovative designers who are reinterpreting traditional Mexican craft - bridging the divide between ancestral craft and contemporary design.

Mexican traditions are a fundamental part of the essence of each of the #madeinmexico brands we showcase. The symbiotic union between the artisan and the designer is the framework for the new era of Mexican design.


Vía Raíz means "via roots" or "via origin" and represents a 'new' Mexico that is rooted in tradition and culture. It's a tribute to the wave of emerging Mexican artists, makers, and designers that are elevating Mexican craft, cuisine, design, and art.


We work with designers who are embracing their roots, infusing their designs with centuries old traditions. They feel a sense of responsibility to rescue these traditions. They are weaving a sophisticated and minimalist aesthetic with traditional and artisanal designs. By refining the craft and elevating the level of quality and sophistication, it allows them to help the artisans expand their reach, thus allowing the artisans' craft to be recognized globally.

These designers share the same philosophy - they wholly encompass ethical values when working with artisans, they respect and honor the artisans' traditions, they elevate the quality of the artisans' craft, and adapt it to today's market without losing its essence and true identity. They are reviving traditional craft by working with the artisans as true creative partners.


Vía Raíz is an homage to my heritage. The name means “Through Roots" and pays tribute to the idea of going back to your roots as a source of inspiration. It has become a way to connect with my origins and share the love for my culture with the world. Both my father and mother are from Michoacan, Mexico -  a state rich in history, culture, and folklore. My family’s background has played an important role in starting Vía Raíz. As a little girl, my parents would take me to visit the artisan towns to see their beautiful crafts. Some of my fondest memories are of those trips.

I made it my mission to reframe what it means to be “Made in Mexico” and inspire a community around Mexico’s burgeoning creative scene. Through the beauty of finely crafted wares I want people to experience a different aspect of Mexican culture. Mexico has a powerful story to share on the world stage and I’m honored I can take part in telling it.

- Jennifer Bolaños, Founder