Textitlán collaborates with a small community of artisan women in the state of Campeche, Mexico. Together with these talented craftswomen, Daniela Corzo, founder of Textitlán and textile designer, seeks to experiment and create new weaving techniques and create new  products. 

Textitlán was inspired by Daniela’s social service in Chiapas and her love for textiles and weaving techniques. Noticing that there was an absence of brands and designers focusing on highlighting the hammock, she dedicated herself to place value back into an essential and important product that is so representative of Mexico. 

Each Textitlán hammock is based on the traditional Mayan hammock from Campeche. Daniela partners with two workshops, located in two different villages of Campeche. The workshops are part of Community Development Centers managed by the government. These centers provide the facilities and tools for the craftswomen to be able to carry out their work and therefore provide them with an economic income.