Granada II

Granada II


The Granada Collection gets its name from the main ingredient used to naturally dye the wool, granada (pomegranate). The Granada II is handwoven on a foot loom by Oaxacan artisan Josefina Méndez. The wool is sourced locally and naturally dyed using pomegranate peel and indigo. It's a gorgeous example of contemporary design and traditional artisan techniques coming together. 

 Measures: 20"x20"

Care: For direct spills dab with dry cloth. Dry Clean Only.

*All items sold by Vía Raíz are handmade. Therefore they may have small "imperfections" or slight variations of color and design between each product—we think that is part of the beauty of having something made with care by individual artisans. 

**Our website photos are a close representation of this piece, but may not be identical to the one you receive.